Template:Group The Alphas are a group of mutant successes created by Dr. Animo. He uses them to slave-own the Accidentals and make sure they do the farm work. They were later defeated by the Accidentals and Ben.


Dr. Animo made the Alphas, and they turned out the way he wanted them to. He used them to make sure the Accidentals were doing the farm work. One day, Madcow and Boxer mistook Stinkfly as an Accidental, so they put him on the farm with the real Accidentals. Ben Tennyson couldn't change back to his human self because the Farm kept him in his current alien form. As Stinkfly, Ben convinced the Accidentals to use teamwork and break out of the Farm, so as a team, the Accidentals and Stinkfly defeated the Alphas and escaped the Farm.

In Animorphosis, they refused to obey Dr Animo's orders, so Vilgax mind-controlled them in order to forge an alliance with Animo. They were used to fight against Ben, and then turned against Animo himself in an act of treachery on Vilgax's part. Many of them were defeated by Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly, however their ultimate fate is unknown.


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