Boxer is an Alpha mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Boxer is a hybrid gorilla and horse. He has brown hair all over his body. He has two red eyes, but he has a scar on his left eye. The part of his face above his nose is also red. When his mouth is closed, two bottom teeth stick out. He has four black fingers on his arms and two heels as legs. His chest, belly, and part of his face are the only parts of his body that don't have hair. He has the head of a horse and has a muscular body like a gorilla.


Boxer is loyal to his leader, Napoleon. He takes his job very seriously and doesn't let anything or anyone get in his way. He also seems to worship Dr. Animo.


Along with the other Alphas, he was forcing the Accidentals and Stinkfly to do work on the farm. When the Accidentals and Stinkfly left the prison, the Alphas fought the Accidentals and Stinkfly. Boxer tried to punch Chinzilla, but Chinzilla felt no pain and then blew fire at Boxer. Later, the Alphas were put in the prison on the Farm by the Accidentals and Stinkfly.

In Animorphosis, he was mind-controlled by Vilgax. He was defeated by Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly.

Powers and Abilities

Boxer has a good physical condition. He has enhanced strength and does dangerous punches. When he runs, he gallops and runs like a gorilla at the same time.


Boxer has a disadvantage against ranged enemies or enemies bigger than him.


Ben 10


  • Boxer is named after Boxer, a loyalist in the novella, Animal Farm.
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