Chinzilla is an accidental mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Chinzilla looks like a mouse and dragon hybrid. He is very large, and has orange hair and big mouse ears. He has big red eyes and a pink nose. Around his nose, he has four black whiskers. His face, tummy, and insides of his ears are apricot colored. He has a green tail with grey spikes and green legs with grey claws. He also has green hands.


Chinzilla doesn't communicate by anything except by doing actions. He is friendly and always has a smile on his face.

Powers and Abilities

Chinzilla has lots of strength due to his size. He can also breathe fire from his mouth. He also doesn't seem to feel any pain.


He can sometimes be clumsy.


Along with the other Accidentals, he was a slave on the farm. When Stinkfly convinced the Accidentals to use teamwork to escape the prison they did that and also used teamwork to defeat the Alphas. Chinzilla fought against Boxer. Boxer punched Chinzilla in the belly multiple times, but Chinzilla felt no pain, and blew fire at Boxer. Later, the Accidentals and Stinkfly put the Alphas behind bars and they left the farm. The Accidentals later played football with Ben.


Ben 10

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