Cybear is Ben's imaginary cybernetic bear who occasionally saves Ben's life.


Cybear's left sclera is yellow with a black eye. He has brown ears, but his left ear doesn't have a lighter brown inside of it, while his right ear does. He has a cybernetic right eye that is colored red and has silver metal parts around it. Cybear has a dark grey nose with black nostrils and a lighter brown around his mouth and nose. His teeth are white and he has a pink tongue. His right shoulder has silver metal bulky parts on it, while his left shoulder has a circular part. His neck has a metallic ring with buttons around it connected to a metal part on his right chest. The metal part has a bulky part on it similar to the ones on his right shoulder. The metal part on his right chest is connected to a black strap that covers the rest of his chest. Cybear's belly is light brown. His arms have cybernetic and have a darker color than the rest of his metal parts. His right hand is brown with a circular metal part on it, while his left hand is metallic and has the same circular metal part on it. Both hands have metallic claws. Cybear has metal on the bottom half of each leg. Two parts are silver and the last part is grey. Both legs have silver claws on them. Cybear also has a jetpack that he wears on his back.


Cybear is a confident and heroic bear that builds up Ben's confidence and is helpful to Ben.


In Need for Speed, Ben imagined himself building Cybear with the treasure he planned to find.

In Forgeti, Ben mentioned Cybear while talking about stuff he's made up in his sleep.

In Screamcatcher, Cybear saved Ben in the dreamworld and fought Hex, but Blew up after Hex hit him with a crystal.

Powers and Abilities

Cybear is capable of flight and has sharp claws that are integrated with waffle irons.


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