Freaky Gwen Ben is the fourth episode of Ben 10.


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The episode starts at a flea market, where Max gives Ben and Gwen ten dollars. Ben and Gwen decide to collect their money to buy something to share. Meanwhile, Hex searches for the Titan Gauntlets that were stolen from him, and decides to hex things in the market so that they look for him.

Meanwhile, Ben and Gwen find a store. Gwen wants to buy some skates and Ben a muddy drinks machine. Seeing that Ben and Gwen can not agree, a woman offers them the Gauntlets of the Titans, but they reject it and leave. Seeing that Hex is looking for the mittens, Ben as Diamondhead has a fight against Hex.

Then Hex changes the bodies of Ben and Gwen. Ben, Gwen and Max return to the shop of the lady who offered them the Gauntlets and buy them. Ben puts on the Gauntlets and Gwen transforms into Four Arms. Hex is overcome by Ben and Four Arms, but he gets up and immobilizes them, allowing him to take the Gauntlets.

Gwen transforms into Upgrade and learns to use her powers with Ben's help. When Hex reaches the maximum point of the titan gauntlets, Upgrade fuses with them, improving them until destroying them.

With Hex defeated, Max attempts to undo the spell that swapped Ben and Gwen's bodies, only for his inability to do so annoying Hex into correcting him, unintentionally reversing the spell before being sent to prison. Hex's spellbook is then put on sale by the woman who had the Titan Gauntlets.

Major Events

  • Hex makes his debut.
  • Hex loses his spellbook.

Omnitrix Alien Debuts



  • Hex (first appearance)

Aliens Used

By Ben

By Gwen

Spells Used

By Hex

  • Seeyu Pacho Torahktoh

By Max

  • Namala


File:Wildmutt Hat.png
  • The hat that Ben wore looks exactly like Wildmutt's head.
  • The spellbook used by Hex is exactly identical to Gwen's Spellbook from the original series. Not only that, the spell used to switch the bodies of Gwen and Ben is also exactly identical (the drawing in the book) as that in A Change of Face, the episode in which Gwen got her Spellbook from Charmcaster.
  • The title references Freaky Friday, which is also about body swapping.


  • This episode aired as the 24th episode in U.S.
  • This was aired as the second episode in Australia and Asia.
  • This episode is based on the original series episode A Change of Face where Ben and Gwen swap bodies as a result of magic. However in that episode, it was done by Charmcaster, Hex's niece, while in this episode it was done by Hex himself.
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