The Galvan are an amphibious species from the planet Galvan Prime.


The Galvan are a species of small bipedal frog-like amphibians.

Galvan are about five inches tall on average. Their bodies consist of soft and flexible bones, allowing them to squeeze into tight spaces or quickly escape from danger.

The Galvan have large, bulbous, eyes with thin lines for pupils. Unlike humans, Galvan eyelids close horizontally and from both sides of the eye. Normal Galvan have orange eyes, except for Azmuth, who has green eyes.


Once regarded as pets, their owners eventually realized the Galvans had enhanced intelligence, and things rapidly changed.

The Galvans became the universe's best engineers, technicians and researchers. Nothing could quench their thirst for knowledge, and their hunt to catalog all interstellar DNA. The Galvans built an armada of sentient drones. Probing the cosmos, these drones sought out alien civilizations, scientific anomalies, and singularities that only advanced Galvan minds could comprehend. The immense of probes of DNA information they collected from every alien species in the cosmos were uploaded into Galvan Prime's central computer, ensuring that Galvan Prime would forever remain the center of research to the DNA of the universe.

Notable Galvan

Notable Galvan Hybrids

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