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Gwen Tennyson is the paternal cousin of Ben Tennyson.


Gwen is a red-headed girl with green eyes and wears a white shirt under a blue shirt with a cat face on it.

She wears brown shorts and wears blue and white striped socks.

She has blue and white shoes.

She wears a blue hairclip in her bangs.

During water-based activities, she wears a one-piece swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops the same shade of blue as her shirt.

On Dreamtime, she wore pink pajamas.


Fights with Ben a lot, and is a bit tomboyish. When she is not fighting against him, she tries to help him. Sometimes she helps him and fights with him at the same time.

Powers and Abilities

She uses her resourcefulness and intellect to help Ben fight crime.

She also is slightly more durable than an average human, as seen in The Charm Offensive which might mean she will get magical powers as the series progresses.


She has limited strength, speed, and senses.


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Ben 10


  • Gwen is 7 seconds older than Ben. [1]
  • She is notably nicer than her classic continuity counterpart was in the original series.


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