Humungousaur es la muestra de ADN del Omnitrix de un Vaxasaurian del planeta Terradino.


Humungousaur's general appearance remains similar to his appearance in previous series, now with black spikes running down his spine with a black spiked mace on the end of his tail.

Powers and Abilities

Tiene una fuerza comparable a Cuatro brazos, su mayor fuerza es en su cola, ya que tiene una cola con puas donde le da un super coletazo al enemigo


Por su gran tamaño,es muy lento,siendo haci facil de atacar



Ben 10

  • TBA (first appearance)


  • Humungousaur was first revealed on the packaging for a toy of the season 3 Omnitrix.
  • The black spiked ball on the end of his tail is a reference to Ultimate Humungousaur of the classic continuity.
  • As evidenced by the intro for Season 3, Humungousaur replaces Wildvine.
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