Lord Decibel is a villain who appeared in Don't Let the Bass Drop.


Lord Decibel has a suit that acts as a form of communication when he uses his keyboard; it displays letters, numbers, and symbols on his mask thanks to a projector of some kind. The text displayed on his mask is colored in different shades of pink.


Lord Decibel himself is sadistic; he is seen enjoying the screams of the people who only came to see a concert. He's motivated by money and has notably asked for large amounts of money in a ridiculously short time for anyone to take it to him. This implies that he doesn't really care about the money and that he just wants to see the world burn.


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Lord Decibel constructed his suit prior to the events of Ben 10. In Don't Let the Bass Drop, he attacked a DJ Duster concert and threatened to destroy earth if he wasn't paid 1 billion dollars in 10 minutes. Unfortunately for him, a 10 year old kid with a watch and his cousin were at the concert. Lord Decibel, expecting trouble, used his keyboard to deploy a sound barrier, but this was proven to be futile thanks to the knowledge of Gwen Tennyson. Decibel was eventually defeated thanks to the combined efforts of Ben Tennyson and his cousin.


Lord Decibel has a suit that acts as a form of communication to his victims when he uses his keyboard. His keyboard is capable of sound manipulation.


Ben 10


A decibel is a unit of measurement that is used to measure the intensity of sound or the power of an electrical signal.


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