Nanny Nightmare is a biochemist that appeared in Growing Pains.


Originally, Nanny Nightmare's hair was purple. But after being exposed to a modified version of her regressive baby powder formula, her hair partially whitened and she developed numerous wrinkles. She wears an orange dress with black stripes and an apron.



Nanny Nightmare views every other person as "ill-mannered", and she thinks they must restart; meaning that all who are considered "ill-mannered" by herself are to be turned into infant children, so they can be reprogrammed to act properly in her eyes. Her views could be considered narcissistic.


Prior to her villainous career, Nanny Nightmare was a biochemist who was ridiculed by her peers for her scientific notions, leading her to view everyone else as "ill-mannered". Despite being ridiculed, she eventually developed her infamous baby powder, which she uses to reverse aging for everyone else. At some point, she moved to the Shoppë and resided in the daycare area.

Nanny Nightmare first appeared in Growing Pains, where she was found by Max Tennyson, who wanted to discipline his grandchildren for their behavior. Eventually, she used her regressive baby powder on Ben and Gwen; turning them into toddlers due to a flaw in her formula. Unfortunately for her, Ben and Gwen were able to prevent her from turning everyone into toddlers and she was accidentally exposed to a modified version of her baby powder that made her much older. She was arrested afterwards.


Nanny Nightmare has developed a regressive baby powder formula that can increase or decrease the age of a person. She wishes to use it on the world.


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A "nanny" is a person that you would hire to look after your children for a very long period of time, while a "nightmare" is just a terrifying dream. Nanny Nightmare is both a nanny and a nightmare, as she is a disturbed individual that seeks to cause harm to all who are "ill-mannered" in her eyes, and she mainly looks after her victims (that have been turned into infant children).

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