Napoleon is an Alpha mutant created by Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Farm.


Napoleon has the appearance of a humanoid pig but with yellow eyes, claws, and another head on his right arm. The head on his right arm has two trotters. He wears black shorts and has a blue ribbon around his neck.


Napoleon is the leader of the Alpha mutants that live on Dr. Animo's farm. He likes to boss around others and relish in their work. He has a very high view of the Alpha mutants and believes that they are more superior than the Accidentals.

Powers and Abilities

Napoleon has great strength and is immune to strong odors.


If Napoleon is exposed to too much "stink", he'll space out and leave himself vulnerable.


Napoleon was originally created by Dr. Animo to oversee the farm with the other Alpha mutants. Napoleon and his associates were abusing the power that they were given at the farm. When the Accidentals escaped the farm, they fought the Alphas and eventually won. During this battle, Napoleon fought Stinkfly. Stinkfly exploited his weakness to strong odors and got him into a trance. After their defeat, Napoleon and the other Alphas were imprisoned at the farm.

In Animorphosis, Napolean was mind-controlled by Vilgax. He was defeated by Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly.


Ben 10


Napoleon is named after Napoleon, the main villain from Animal Farm.

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