Omni-Kix Slapback is is the Omnitrix's Omni-Kix version of Slapback.


Slapback takes the appearance of a green humanoid frog with grey metallic eyebrows. He wears a blue, black and white jumpsuit covering all except for his arms and feet, as well as a grey and black mask. The Omnitrix is located on his back.

Slapback's voice becomes higher pitched the more he duplicates

Powers and Abilities

Slapback is capable of duplicating himself to an unknown degree when his back is struck or sufficient pressure is applied on it. The clones are not linked in any way and can act independently from one another.

Each time he duplicates, the resulting clones become smaller, heavier, denser and stronger by a proportionate amount. For example, upon duplicating for the first time, the clones are half his original size and twice as heavy, dense and strong.


Slapback seems unable to control his duplicating power, as each strike on his back forces him to duplicate unwillingly.



Ben 10

Season 4


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