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This unnamed alien is a fusion of Tetramand, Galvan, Lepidopterran, Kineceleran, Pyronite, Arburian Pelarota, and Subsapien DNA from the DNA Decode game in the Omnitrix Glitch Coding Games series of online games on the Cartoon Network website.


This alien's appearance is very much the sum of his parts:

  • His head and torso are taken from Four Arms.
  • His two left eyes are replaced with a single eye from Grey Matter.
  • He has two cyan crystal shards protruding from his back, belonging to Diamondhead
  • His upper right arm is that of Heatblast.
  • His lower right arm belongs to XLR8.
  • He has a single left arm, which is taken from Cannonbolt. Curiously, this arm's flesh merges into Four Arm's shirt, suggesting the torso may actually be made of Cannonbolt's flesh while keeping Four Arms' general shape.
  • His legs, from the thigh down, are taken from Stinkfly.
Omnitrix Glitch Fusion Comic

Prior to the transformation completing, this fusion had two left arms. The upper left arm belonged to Four Arms, and the lower left arm to XLR8. Grey Matter's eye and Diamondhead's shards were the last parts of the fusion to form.

Powers and Abilities

This fusion's powers are unknown and never demonstrated.


This fusion's weaknesses are also unknown and never demonstrated.


Ben transformed into this fusion when the Omnitrix malfunctioned while he was also inside the Omnitrix. Ben then proceeded to fix the DNA samples in the Omnitrix, and consequently locking his ability to use this fusion.


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