Steam Smythe is a villain who first appeared in The Clocktopus. He hates modern technology and is always trying to "bring back the past".


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Steam Smythe is a redhead who wears a steampunk outfit and brown pants.


Steam Smythe is desperate to get whatever he wants for only to keep history. He thinks the future is nonsense and believes the past is the only thing that is understanding and intelligible. He will effortlessly pursue any plans to get rid of the future and make the past the present. He refers to himself as a "gentleman", and will not hit a lady or a senior citizen. He also calls himself "A hero of the past."


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Powers and Abilities

He built many steampunk technological items. He built the Clocktopus, a bicycle plane, his own hot air balloon, robots, and more. This shows that he is extremely intelligent.


As his weaponry and machines are old, they often fail to work properly or are very slow. This gives an advantage to his opponents.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


The Steam in his name is a reference to the past technology and machines he prefers and uses, which run with the help of engines which use steam.


  • He is similar to Kundo from the Omniverse as both hate modernization and want to keep old traditions at any cost.
  • Somehow, Steam Smythe has not physically aged in over 40 years.
  • He also has a music theme that is heard whenever his airship is seen.
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