Tim Buktu is a villain who first appeared in Villain Time.


Tim Buktu is a slightly overweight, black-haired man.



Tim Buktu makes his debut in Villain Time, where he starts various incidents to make himself look like a hero. One of his incidents accidentally broke a dam, and this forced him to work with Ben to repair it. He is sent to prison because of these incidents.

Powers and Abilities

Tim Buktu is skilled with using various devices and weapons. He also has above-human strength, being able to lift a boulder, albeit with a great deal of effort.


Tim Buktu has many different kinds of nature-based weapons, such as poisonous blow-darts, tarpit-bombs, and mechanical wings similar in appearance to a bat. It is currently unknown if he made these himself.



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Timbuktu is a historical city in the West African nation of Mali.


  • He is similar to Carl Nesmith. Both of them set up scenarios in order to make themselves popular, and both are disgraced by the end of their debut episodes.
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