Herbert J. Zomboni, known by the name of Zombozo, is a cruel and creepy clown mastermind.


Zombozo looks like a clown with pink hair and pale skin. He also has sharp white teeth and red lips. His eyes are orange and yellow. The jumpsuit he wears is striped dark and light grey. He wears big black shoes, black gloves, and a top hat. He has blue orbs on his hands and hat.


Zombozo is portrayed as a grim and cruel clown with a dark sense of humor.


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Ben 10


Zombozo's name is an amalgam on the words Zombie and Bozo, who is a famous clown played by many actors.


  • Zombozo, like his Ultimate Alien/Omniverse version, is voiced by John DiMaggio who also voiced The Joker at one point.
  • He shares some similarities with the Joker from Batman.

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